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More About Ellen

Ellen was born in raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She has a little sister, 2 loving parents, and a handful of fur siblings. She moved to Colorado Springs in 2014 to spread her wings and fly, but relocated to Pompano Beach, Florida in August of 2018 to pursue graduate studies while working at OneHope. Ellen avoids gluten like the plague because when she has it her head feels like it's going to explode (migraines are the worst). Her favorite color and thanksgiving food is cranberry.


Ellen is in love with people she's never met and places she's never been. Outside of the United States, she has traveled to Uganda, Romania, Peru, and Belize on missions. Her work has also taken her to Turkey and Thailand.  Ellen will take advantage of any opportunity to travel. She enjoys connecting with friends, exploring new cities, and people watching at the airport. 

Myers Briggs - ISFJ

Though it may be hard to believe once you meet Ellen, she is an ISFJ

(only 13% Introvert though). 

""ISFJs are true altruists, meeting kindness with kindness-in-excess and engaging the work and people they believe in with enthusiasm and generosity." - 16 Personalities 


In 2004 Ellen started taking pictures at events on a Kodak point and shoot and fell in love with concert photography. Since then she's upgraded and shoots with a Sony A57 DSLR and Sony A7ii


Up until 2016, most of her photography events were volunteer. 2017 brought new opportunities and the birth of Endless Stories Media. Her desire is to capture what God is up to, adventures, and things unseen. 


Ellen has had the opportunity to photograph LifeFest music festival, the Reset gathering on the National Mall in Washington, DC, and various concerts from small venues to Red Rocks Amphitheater. 

To find out more about Endless Stories Media and see Ellen's portfolio visit


In 2016 Ellen returned to dance after not having taken classes since she was in elementary school. She was inspired to return to dance but young dancers she met while volunteering with a children's community theater company. Since returning to dance, Ellen has taken classes in ballet, hip hop, jazz, and modern. She has also explored contemporary, house, and tribal funk through master classes. Dance has become a way for her to express herself in a whole new way. 

Hamilton An American Musical 

Why in the world would someone who isn't an actress list a musical on a website about them... well you see, Hamilton is Ellen's favorite musical. She had the opportunity to see the first national tour when they came through Denver Spring of 2018 and has been hooked ever since. Binge listening to The Hamilcast (podcast) may have also contributed her love of the show. Eventually, Ellen hopes to see all 5 Broadway companies perform. By the end of 2019 she will have seen 3 of the 5 companies. 

Fitness / Metabolic Conditioning 

Ellen finds that working out in community is better than the best workout you could ever have by yourself. In Colorado Springs, she was a part of the Christ centered Trinity Fitness community where she worked out on a weekly basis. In Florida she enjoys working out at Aspire Sports Lab. 

Fun Facts

Ellen has never seen Star Wars and may or may not be saving this experience for her future husband (if he's into that kind of stuff). 


She doesn't like ketchup. 


Her first mission trip was a month long trip to Uganda, Africa. 

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